Family Jobs

  • All families participate in the running of the school. Family participation consists of the following:

    • Classroom participation: Parent participation in the classroom plays a key role in our community. All families participate as a teacher’s aide on a rotating basis.
    • Family jobs: Each family is assigned a family job at the beginning of the school year. These range from caring for our animals, to performing yard maintenance, to organizing fundraisers. The time commitment for each job is expected to be about 30 hours total during the school year.
    • Monthly parent meetings: At our monthly meetings, parent education topics are presented by our teachers or guest speakers. We also discuss any business items for the running of the school. These meetings also provide an opportunity for parents to socialize and get to know each other better.
    • Fundraisers: Each family participates in a Fall and Spring fundraiser. We typically have a yard sale in the Fall and an auction/party in the Spring. These events take place on the weekend.
    • Work Parties: Each family participates in two Saturday work parties per year. At work parties we deep clean the school and perform small building and maintenance projects.