Our Approach

  • Dandelion is a play based cooperative nursery school. Parents share in the operation of the school and are actively involved in their child’s learning. Dandelion’s teachers provide leadership as they model developmentally appropriate practice, curriculum, and their skilled, loving support of the children. Together, parents and teachers form a close community, committed to fostering healthy growth and development in each child.

    Preschool children are active learners who construct their own knowledge as they interact with materials, peers and adults. At Dandelion, children pursue active learning through group activities and have ample time and space individual exploration. Dandelion’s classroom is open, spacious and comfortable. We have carefully created areas for privacy or group play, and a wide variety of choices are always available including art, manipulatives, dramatic play, blocks, music, science and books. We also have a wonderful outside classroom that has space for large motor activities and contains a flourishing garden.

    • Art

      Children enter into a process of constructing personally meaningful art using materials rich in texture, color and composition.

    • Language and Literacy

      Emerging language and literacy is stimulated by our print-rich environment, which includes: books, materials for symbol making, props to extend play, story telling, dictation and documentation, etc.

    • Music

      Children are exposed to a variety of musical experiences. Through music making, singing and movement, a disposition for the enjoyment of music is nurtured.

    • Dramatic Play

      Dramatic play is encouraged in every area. Whether in the house area, or building with blocks, or playing with dinosaurs, animals or vehicles, children are inspired to enter the world of pretense and develop their knowledge of the world.

    • Outdoors

      Children’s play flows inside and out. The yard is a setting for the physical exuberance of children. Sand, water, climbing, bike riding and the garden provide opportunities for children to continue to explore their bodies in relation to their surroundings. Dandelion also provides an indoor dome climbing structure and room for active play indoors.