Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dandelion Enrollment 

Can I take a tour?
Parents are welcome to come and take a tour on a school day, to see Dandelion in action. Please email dandelion.enrollment@gmail.com for tour dates in October, November and December. We ask that parents tour the school prior to applying.

How many days a week can my child attend Dandelion?
First-year children usually attend Dandelion three days a week. These younger children often get tired at school, particularly if this is their first experience in care outside the home. Occasionally, a first-year child may be able to attend four days a week, but we usually don’t know whether a fourth day will be available until after we make our enrollment offers.

Second-year children may attend three, four, or sometimes five days a week. In January of a child’s first year, parents request which days they would like their child to attend in their second year. A five-day-a-week schedule is sometimes possible for second-year children, but we can’t guarantee it.

Can I choose which days of the week my child attends Dandelion?
We schedule first-year children to attend on the same days as their peers.
Younger first year children (roughly those under age 3 ½ as of Sept 1): Mon, Wed, Fri
Older first-year boys (between 3 ½ and 4 as of Sept 1): Mon, Tues, Thurs
Older first-year girls (between 3 ½ and 4 as of Sept 1): Tues, Thurs, Fri

We schedule first-year children this way because we want to maximize the chance of them finding a friend. We also want them to consistently see the same children every time they come to school. This helps them to build relationships and to feel a part of a group.

My child will have already turned four by the beginning of the school year. Can we apply to Dandelion?
Most years, we only enroll children who are older than 2 years 11 months, but not yet four years old as of September 1. Normally, the only situation in which a four-year-old may start at Dandelion is if one of our children leaves the school after one year, effectively creating a space for a second-year child. You are welcome to email us with an inquiry, and we can add you to our ‘four-year-old waiting list.’ You do not need to pay any fee to be added to this list.

I need to pay the $25 application fee. Who do I make the check out to?
Please make the check out to Dandelion Nursery School, and mail it to the Enrollment Coordinator, whose address is listed at the top of the online application form.

Can I apply after the January 15 application deadline?
Yes! We still welcome applications, though we give priority to applications received before the deadline.